Updates, Juggling, and Focus

There’s a certain kind of creative energy when you have an idea. When you decide to start a new project to work on that idea, the energy is miles-high; you’re swimming with inspiration, you’re filled to the brim with an eagerness to work on said project.

Then reality sets in. The project is harder than expected. Other things compete for your time, focus and attention. Laziness sets in.

When I created this site, I was never really sure about what I was going to do. It was more of a “try-and-see” thing; an experiment in publishing on my own website about content that I researched about myself.

Turns out that it’s pretty hard. I kept trying to do more and more complex articles that I frequently found it daunting to even finish them. I was comparing myself to established blogs and sites; in other words, I was comparing my level 5 to other people’s level 50. I had fallen into the comparison trap that a lot of creatives find themselves in.

Also, turns out that juggling writing here, a full-time marketing career and nearly 12-14 hours of dance-related activities each week is also challenging enough. I have been very heavily focused on acquiring new skills for my dancing and work that I brushed aside writing for this site.

Lesson learnt: you only have so much focus to spend on things, even if you have the best time-management skills ever.

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